In a garden full of trees,And humans alike.A garden dissected by a slow stream.And cool pool reserved for swimmers.In a garden filled with wonders, only one "wonder" stood out:Towering above the others.Even more obvious than the *Khaya* *invorensis*A wonderful sight to behold,Face so clean and beautiful like sunrise.And your voice sounds like a thousand birds … Continue reading Eden

Talking Pictures

If pictures could speak,This one speaks volumes;Shouting,Screaming,Vocalizing your outright beauty.Or maybe not. On second thought,I think the picture is whispering,Trying to get my attention.(and it did)"hush hush hush" whispers the picture"Oreoluwa is cute" it saidAnd I couldn't argue with the sound logic. Oreoluwa, oh and that's me lurking.


I can't promise you everlasting love,But I promise to be by your side till the end.And after this life ends!I can't promise you mansions and machines,But I promise to treat you like a queen.And that is an understatement! I can't promise you utmost perfection.But I promise to cherish and adore you.And love and care for … Continue reading Promise


When it comes to you,I avoided error due to parallax.But you weren't made in a laboratory,Even the greatest genetics engineer,Can't recreate your fingernails in it's perfection.Your smile is so hot,The pH must be 1.Of the seven billion people on Earth,There's only you, just one.Nothing is perfect, I know.Even the cleanest water have impurities.But you, you … Continue reading Reaction.