Happy birthday Sumayah.

Sumayah To a maiden of the ninth moon, Classy, beautiful and petite Cannabis ain't got nothing on youIntoxicating to the point of enlightenment It's your day, dear Sumayah. Birthdays come once in a year But you deserve attention all year long. An epitome of classAnd a striving Muslimah A woman of many talents. I wish … Continue reading Happy birthday Sumayah.

Happy birthday Lawal.

Good things happen to those who wait they say. You don't have to wait to witness all the good things, the better things and the best things you deserve. And more. Ayoola Lawal Today's your birthday brother, and I wish you the very best. I pray that Allah grant you all your heart desires and … Continue reading Happy birthday Lawal.


Goodness, gracious;I tried so hardBut I can't stop this feeling.Gracious gazelle;Your beauty stuns meEach glimpse hits harder than a diamond.My heart is shatteredBut I'm willing to break it even moreAll because of you.Goodness, gracious;I thought I buried this feelingBut your face, your voice, your name echoes in my skull.Gracious gazelle;You pierced my heart with the … Continue reading Motunrayo.