From 1 to 359, I have uploaded poems and stories on this blog. This is my 360th blog post. So you can say that I have completed a complete revolution. 360°.

Wow. From heartfelt birthday messages, tear-inducing heartbreak poems, scary poems and stories, love poems, the occasional rantings, and the singular erotic stories. It has been one hell of a ride.

Post number 360. And I am not writing poetry nor spinning a suspense-filled tale. I am here to rant. And upload pictures. And say my thanks.

First and foremost, I give thanks to Almighty Allah who has given me the opportunity to be alive to do this.

To everyone who has been with me since post 001, I am very grateful for the opportunity to write for you.
To everyone that joined me halfway, I am very grateful.

To amazingink, To marieabd, and to every one of the guest writers I’m sincerely grateful for the ride.

To Nimota, Rabiu Aisha, and Teemah Bakar: Thank you for always going through my works and leaving comments.

To Shaka Muslihat and Soyoye Oreoluwa, thanks for always keeping me motivated.

And finally to Soyoye Oreoluwa, thanks for always going through the poems offline, online, and every other line in between.



A fair maiden of preternatural beauty,
If mermaids were real, you’d be the queen!
Fresh like the morning dew.
Mere words move mortals,
But for an out-of-the-world beauty like you,
Only carefully chosen ode can appeal.

Oyinloluwa says you are sweet,
But not that sweetness whick kills!
The one that invigorates.

Oreoluwa says you’re an answered prayer,
For anyone and all,
Whom are blessed to gaze upon your face.

Idowu says you’d go to any length for me,
You’d fight all my wars if need be.
For you are one beautiful Guardian Angel!



“smile at the camera baby”
Eases out of those wonderful lips,
Gazing upon thee bring smiles,
But whenever you requested it
The influence of happiness is second to none.

“move your head to the left a little”
I’d move mountains for you,
So what’s a little tilting of the head,
Or a casual glance to the left.

I can have a thousands pictures on my phone,
But the most handsome ones,
Are the one you capture.
Papa’s personal pretty paparazzo


My Only Sunshine

Funny how life goes,
Trees seek sunlight,
Animals seek nutrients
But when it comes to you
I need no sunlight and nutrients
You are all the nutrients I need to prosper
The solution to all my problems,
The answer to all my questions,
The hotspot to my wifi connection,

Unexpected circumstances arose,
Now you’re turning the sunlight to darkness,
The Hydrochloric Acid to my ulcer.

Hey Sunshine,
Shine your love on me.


Half empty

Halfway through the night,
Or so I thought!
There’s a glimmer of light on the horizon,
Or so my eyes tell me.
I dropped a cup on the table,
I perceive it as half-full.

But in reality,
I am nowhere near.
The more I strive,
The further breakthrough seems.
The more I fight,
The bloodier the battle becomes.

The sky is bleak,
And my mood is meek.
I just want it to end.
But when would it?


Akinkunmi, I love you.

We have a picture of someone in our mind,
And it sticks forever.

Remember when you pulled me in your arms,
Looked into my eyes and said
“Akinkunmi, stop disturbing me, you know that I love you”
Yeah. That one

It will stick forever!


To new beginnings (Happy birthday)

New beginnings don’t necessarily mean the eradication of the old. At least, that is what I think.

Decades ago,
On this same date; August 20.
I was born.
Or so I was told.

I started this last year,
And here we are, still not complete.
I guess like the earth I’m living on
Nothing is constant. Always moving.
Constantly changing.

It’s my birthday,
But no new year, new me crap.
At least, not this year.
There are more important things,
Like what exactly?

Happy new year and Happy birthday to me.

©Ridwan Akinkunmi Ajagbe


My Everything

When I’m happy and full of inspiration,
The thoughts of you makes me carry my pen,
And with deftness across the pages,
I scribble poems of love and hope.

When I’m angry at you,
My blood boils and I make my ink flow,
Songs of love and hope fill the pages,
And I dream of you.
I dream of you making me happy.
Again! And again!

You’re my upliftment,
My downfall.
You’re my motivation,
My frustration.

You are my everything!
And more.


Still About You

To all the ones that have left,
Thank you for the lessons,
To the ones that never made things right,
Thank you for the experience.

To all the ones that grew bored,
Thank you for your time.
And to you! This was going to be about you!
Thank you for your contentment.

And for you,
I lay down my quill, ink, and all.

short stories

Burnt Men

I have seen a dead man. I have closed the eyes of a dead man. But never before have I seen a man or men burned alive. The images of the burnt men will stay long on my phone and longer in my mind.

Who would burn another human alive? Why would they carry out jungle justice? It is so unfair! They should have been handed to the police! Yes! Serves them right! Next life, they won’t choose to be armed robbers. These sentiments and various others rang loudly around me as I continue to take pictures of the gory sight the burnt men made.

Oh yes! The burnt men were armed robbers. They were chased over a distance of 15 kilometers by the police and vigilantes alike before they were caught. Was their robbery successful? No one could provide the answer to that question. But they were apprehended by the vigilantes first. No further judgment was carried out. They were tied and tires wrapped around their head. In less than 60 seconds, petrol materialized (in a land of petrol scarcity).

The vulnerability of human life is a joke. Life in itself is futile. One minute, they were men. Alive. Running away. Oh! Did I mention that they had guns? The armed robbers (well, the armed part should have done that). One minute they were men, and the next, they were just charred carbon molecules.

Fraud. Theft. And similar forms of income will forever lead to one destination. And that’s a disaster. Sooner or later, the time will be up, and evil will reap its reward.


There was a time

There was a time,
When savings trumped expenditure;
When dinner was ready before lunch is taken;
When money had meaning;
And honour was recognised!

There was a time,
When love meant love;
When promises weighed more than the words;
When forever was a very long time.
And hardwork was rewarded!

There was a time,
When government governed;
When roads were motorable;
When civil servants were civil;
And human abuse was reduced!

There was a time,
When life had value;
When offices were earned not bought;
When youths were youths.
There was indeed a time.